Sunday, November 1, 2015

New Code Generator in SWAPY

Pywinauto is a great tool for those who have some experience in Python. But what is about the beginners or those who are not yet familiar with Python and/or GUI automation?

SWAPY is a GUI helper for objects hierarchy inspection. Generally it looks like similar tools from Microsoft (Spy++, Inspect.exe), but it's designed specifically for Pywinauto users. It's especially helpful for getting started with Pywinauto library.

SWAPY can recognize every control that is visible to Pywinauto. So you may check quickly whether Pywinauto is suitable for your application. If this is the case, SWAPY can help with prototyping your automation scripts using the Code Generator feature.

The Code Generator is significantly renovated in the SWAPY 0.4.8.

How does it work? Just start looking for the controls hierarchy. If you want to do some action, right click on the control item in the tree and choose a method to call.

Code Generator automatically inserts the code into the Editor pane. The action is also performed simultaneously in the application. All the generated code can be saved to *.py file.